Take a strong vocal and compositional talent, add some Portuguese romanticism, and top it off with a burning desire to share a musical experience and you have Alberto. The smooth sexy voice and undeniable good looks of Alberto make him one of the most promising singers in the Entertainment Industry. His unforgettable songs speak of lost love and unfulfilled desire from the point of view of a young man fighting for his generation. The son of Portuguese immigrants, Alberto was born in Jackson Heights, Queens; were in his early teenage years he learned to play “concertina”. An instrument that resembles a small accordion, the “concertina” is very popular in Minho-Portugal; the native soil of Alberto’s parents. He later mastered the accordion and the electric organ. 
In 1998 Alberto founded the musical group Ipanema, playing keyboards and singing lead vocals. His voice and charisma soon won him the applause and admiration of the citizens of the village of Mineola - Long Island, and moved him to the front of the stage as lead vocalist for the band. Since then, Alberto and his group have toured all Portuguese communities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington D.C, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida and other states. 

For “April in Portugal” , a 1994 celebration of Portuguese heritage and culture, Alberto was invited to the famous Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, were he performed with well established such as: Rui Veloso, Xaque, Nucha, Pedro Abrunhosa, and Fernando Perreira. His remarkable success led to an invitation for the following year and once again, Alberto’s performance earned him critical acclaim. 

Composition, Performance, Voice, Rare Romanticism – Alberto is poised to take the musical scene by storm. 

-Began Composing at the age of fifteen
-Current library of songs contain more then 30 complete songs. 
-Main style of composition includes ballads and mid-tempo pop. 

-Began performing his compositions many times in front of crowds numbering in the hundreds at an early age.
-On the first of August 1996, Alberto initiated the grand tour of Portugal, conquering the hearts of all those who packed the events were he performed.
-During 21 his music charmed the people of places like: Vidago  Tras dos Montes, Sal Reu , Veiros - Aveiro, Alheira in Barcelos, Famalicao,  Povoa de Varzim in Minho.
-At Arcos de Valdes he met with Marco Paulo, the famed singer and entertainer, who invited him to appear on his television show the next time he visit the country. 
-On Stage, Alberto’s repertoire includes original material from Brazil, Portugal, The United States and other countries around the world.

Weather singing a love song or an upbeat dance tune, his performance always brings passion, feeling and excitement to the audience. Add this to his style and undisputed charisma and the result is the creation of a star.