As a child it became apparent to Jen Grosso that Today's Man  was not only a place where her father went for a new suit, but where she too could tailor something special. Visit after visit, Jen found herself effortlessly completing her father's look. From his shoes to his cufflinks, Jen's suggestions never went unnoticed and were always on point. Not all female designers find inspiration in ribbons and pearls.

Today, with a keen eye on European fashion, Jen has ventured to "reinvent" a man's closet essential: the tie. "For such a paramount accessory that draws focus to a man's outfit and overall appearance, I don’t feel the tie has been diversified, nor has its design evolved to its full potential," says Grosso."The tie should be a statement in itself."

Just a few months ago Jen reached out to a few people in the fashion industry with design samples of her own. Frustrated with the negative feedback she received when her vision did not conform to the "norm", she took the initiative herself and the assistance of her super supportive husband to make her tie line come to fruition. Jen's husband, Ryan, while unfamiliar with a needle and thread was no stranger to the process of fabric selection.  As a child Ryan spent hours flipping through pattern books while his mother shopped for sewing materials. For Ryan, it was just another storybook.

With the combination of drive and experience, the husband and wife duo hit the ground running; researching the art of tie making and mocking-up several designs for countless hours at a time. Trips to find new fabrics became a weekly venture and their coffee pot was working overtime, but when Jen's designs finally fit perfectly around her husband's neck the rewards heavily outweighed the menial hiccups along the way.

Ventsso Designs are now available for special order.