Sara Teixeira

Looking back on her childhood, Sara wonders if her love for fashion was ever much of an option.  Sara grew up with a very creative mom and grandmother in the arts of knitting, sewing, and crocheting. In addition, there exists lore of the mastery her great grandmother held as a seamstress and hat designer. She sometimes jokes about how this trade runs in her blood and she did not have much of a choice, but she concludes that "of course I had a choice, and I chose to do what I have always known to love."
From a very young age, Sara was deeply drawn to fashion.  Whether it was due to the admiration she held of those close to her, or her own realization, she knew that she wanted to procure a formal education in fashion.  Knowing that doing so was still a bit of time away, she could not simply wait, so she decided she would do something that would bring her just as much fulfillment--handbag designing.  Sarita Handbags, began as a way for Sara to express her creativity.  The name "Sarita," meaning little Sara, is an endearing term that her family calls her.  Sara wanted a name that reflected the enthusiasm that she possessed as a child and that has carried through into her adult life.

Sara has been designing and making handbags for over 5 years, but she has also been busy working on earning the Fashion degree that she has always wanted. She is currently a Graduate student at Drexel University majoring in Fashion Design.   Sara will be graduating this year with a Master's Degree, and will finally realize her dream of a formal education in Fashion.  She looks forward to the next chapter of her life where she will have the opportunity to take the lessons she has learned in the classroom and apply them to a career in Fashion.  She is proud to be presenting Sarita Handbag Designs in the 2013 MODA fashion show, and looks forward to expanding her work to include apparel in the future.

"Follow your heart and realize your dreams."