Ally Cruz with Fixe

I knew I wanted to be in fashion at a very young age. For many years my Av
ôs (grandparents) were excellent tailors and I grew up making my doll’s clothes from the scraps of fabrics that my Avô (grandfather) would bring home from work.  Let’s just say, my dolls always looked “fixe”. My Avô taught me everything I needed to know about sewing and about a garment’s fit. I’ve always been creative, an artist. I wanted to pursue my dream of creating illustrations and making them a reality. 

I went into this industry not knowing what to expect. I’m ok with that, after all, that’s what life is all about- the uncertainty. But I went into fashion certain that I loved how clothes make you feel. Everyday is an opportunity to express your mood. I’m inspired by everything. Music, scenery, daily happening, anything and everything that feels real to me. Whenever I create a garment and I see it worn I get this overwhelming rush of emotions. I want to
laugh, cry, and scream out loud, "Yeah, I did that!" (haha). You can say I have a lot of pride in what I do, but that’s what makes it all worth it. My dream is to have “Fixe” be a part of the fashion empire and inspire people to be original. “Fixe” is Portuguese for cool and chic. Appropriately named, my collection’s goal is to make you feel exactly that.

If it weren’t for my family who have supported me every step of the way, I wouldn't be the designer I am today. The world needs to see what I can create, because it’s made with imagination and lined with love.

PPHC MODA 2012 Fashion Show Presentation - Ally Cruz