The MirrorMen

The MirrorMen started with humble beginnings when band founders Mark Menkevich (guitarist, lead singer) and Anthony Zebrowski (drummer) joined forces in their early junior year of high school in 2010 and started to write music together with a few others as well. Since then they have gained and lost a few members, but the ones that are currently involved are fellow former classmates Alisa Thamavong on lead vocals and Andrew Amado on Bass And Keys, and only recently have we also added two new members, Drew Gaunce on Bass and Evan Emmet on Lead guitar. Together they’ve played Venues like the Famous Trocodero, World Café Live, And Bensalem Amphitheater. They’ve also spent time in the studio and recorded their first EP Party This Way à. One day they hope to gain recognition for their original and tour the U.S. professionally. 

Look out for the MirrorMen..