O Manel dos D'Alma

"Peace, Love and Understanding" is both the heart and soul of Portuguese-American artist, Manel Furtado (aka "Tony Cabral"). O Manel Dos D'Alma began as a side project after the band D'Alma, took an indefinite hiatus. "The biggest difference between D'Alma and this new project is the passion and love I put into each song" says Cabral. "My hope is for people all around the world to relate to my music. I write about life and about my experience with good times and hard times. It has taken some time to create my own niche in my community and it's still a work in progress, but it's what I love to do and I will continue doing it for as long as I can."

Manel has already created a buzz in the New England area in both the Portguese and American Community alike. Collaborating with Tony Henriques of MRS studios (New Bedford, MA) and regional artists Josh Pereira and Nathalie Pires, the new highly anticipated album entitled "Learning to Fly" was released in 2012, both in the US as well as The Azores, Portugal, Canada and France.

O Manel dos D'Alma received three nominations from the International Portuguese Music Awards, they were:
O Manel dos D'Alma is the recipient of the People's Choice award for "Mais um Minuto", at the 2013 IPMA. 
Congratulations, from the PPHC

O Manel dos D'Alma at the 2013 IPMA 
ceremony with Nathalie Pires and Josh Pereira.

O Manel dos D'Alma at the 2013 IPMA
ceremony with members of Xaque.