In 1992, a few friends and original members of the band Xaque, met to record a few songs while experimenting with new recording equipment. Within months they found themselves expressing their Western European musical roots and sharing tales of heroes and heritage. Full of vigor and inspiration, they enthusiastically continued to record and draw together individuals with similar aspirations to contribute to their projects. In the summer of 1994, a vision and conviction had emerged. And as they say; the rest is history.

XAQUE’S debut recording, "EVOLUÇÃO", released in 1994 was the result of their journey in the recording studio. As sons of first generation Portuguese immigrants, the undertone was to convey social awareness, political upheaval and fond remembrance of their founding fathers.

Shortly after the release of EVOLUCAO, XAQUE performed in various concerts in the United States with well-established performers from Portugal. XAQUE proved their worth when they took center stage at the Portuguese American Heritage Concert at the TRUMP TAJ MAHAL (Atlantic City NJ). Sharing the stage with XAQUE was RUI VELOSO, PEDRO ABRUNHOSA, NUCHA and FERNANDO PEREIRA. Shortly thereafter XAQUE joined XUTOS e PONTAPES for a three concert series of LOUD MUSIC and FUN in New Jersey.

While on this journey, the band decided to reveal new approaches to a few of their tracks. In January of 2001 "EVOLUCAO UNPLUGGED” was released. The CD title was fitting and featured acoustical interpretation of "HEROI DO MAR" and "PRISIONEIRO" as well as a re-mastered versions of the original 1994 releases. This new CD reinforced the band's commitment to creating awareness of Portuguese music.

Having fostered a relationship with RUI VELOSO, XAQUE believed his collaboration on their recordings would bring more awareness to their project. In the Winter of 1996 Rui Veloso returned to the United States to participate on the recording of their third CD, "Alma Nua", which was released in 2002. 

In 2013, Xaque was nominated for the International Portuguese Music Awards with their song "Heroi do Mar - unplugged", in the Rock category.

Xaque 1995: All original members will be present at 
Penn's Landing this June.

Today XAQUE find themselves survivors of life’s challenges, and is back in the studio recording new material for an upcoming CD. In 2012, the anticipation ended and Xaque reunited all original members to play at the PPHC's Portugal Day Festival (Dia de Portugal). In 2013, Xaque will return to the Penn's Landing stage to celebrate 20 years of existence, and coincidentally, 20 years since the first time they played on the Penn's Landing stage.