The Black Mamba

Coming to Philadelphia's Portugal Day Festival, The Black Mamba, who's debut CD "The Black Mamba" is due out on May 7th. 

It was on May 2010, that the first meeting between lead singer and guitarist Pedro Tatanka, bassist Ciro Cruz, and drummer Miguel Casais, occurred. “The Black Mamba” power trio with all it’s venom, had arisen. The chemistry between them was immediate, and the continuous appearances at various types of events and venues, quickly became a reoccurring theme. 

With the very experienced rhythm section of Ciro Cruz (ED MOTTA, GABRIEL O PENSADOR, HOWARD LEVY, ROCK IN RIO SUPPORTING BAND, ETC), and the drumming of Miguel Casais (AUREA, MAFALDA VEIGA, NU SOUL FAMILY, ETC), combined with the undeniably unique vocals and guitar of Pedro Tatanka, (RICHIE CAMPBELL, THE OFFSHORE’S, KALIBRADOS, ETC), The Black Mamba are guaranteed to take you on a unique and unforgettable voyage of Soul, Blues, and good ol’ Funk.

The band has established their goals, and soon the Black Mamba project will release their self-titled debut album which will include 10 original tracks.

Join the PPHC at the Portugal Day Festival (Dia de Portugal), and experience the venom of the Black Mamba for yourself!  

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