Sierra Hurtt and the Portudelphia Project

The term ‘genre-defying’ can instill fear in the heart of any music executive and test even the most seasoned journalist. Once in a while, however, an artist comes along that fits everywhere, and nowhere; sampling various styles and spinning them into a sound so unique that any attempt at comparison falls short. Vocalist and songwriter, Sierra Hurtt, challenges you to expand your concept of what a song can express. She writes from her soul, but she can also tap into the essence of a song you already know and give it new meaning.

The path to her musical career took a circuitous route. The daughter of award-winning rhythm and blues songwriter, Phil Hurtt, Sierra was immersed in the business of music from an early age. At her father’s knee, she learned the art and craft of composing the well-rounded pop song. As young as 4 years old, she became a regular fixture in the famed recording studios of Philadelphia, rubbing shoulders with Philly’s Soul elite. But it was her teenage love affair with rock and roll that sparked her imagination and pushed her to develop her own unique sound.

Sierra defines herself as a singer and songwriter, not a singer-songwriter. She brings with her a fresh flavor of pop-rock-soul.

Dividing her time between Philadelphia (United States) and Swindon (United Kingdom), Sierra brings her infectious mix to audiences worldwide.

""What sets Sierra Hurtt apart from her contemporaries, from my personal point of view, is not what she let’s out or delivers vocally, but rather what she holds back. Her innate ability to manipulate time and space, in between musical notes and bars, is absolutely stunning." Jamsphere

"If Sade jammed an acoustic guitar and got a little funkier, she would sound like burgeoning artist Sierra [Hurtt], who runs the gamut from Latin to soul music. While her new album, [Stranger], due out April 10, covers many genres it ultimately highlights the singer’s deep, tender, silky voice." Philadelphia City Paper

The Portudelphia Project

The Portudelphia Project, a collection of artists from both Philadelphia and Portugal that brings together two music scenes rich in diversity and talent. These seemingly distant worlds are bound together by their love of soul, rock, blues and live instrumentation. The project’s mission is to bring more cross-cultural exposure to the emerging talent in both regions.

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